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Center Mass Tattoos  Namru Rising Posted Date: Mar 5th, 2017 12:13
Most of my tattoos revolve around ancient civilizations (i.e., Egypt, Sumeria, etc.,) and are for the most part simple and symbolic.
Tattoos  Sweetdd7 Posted Date: Oct 2nd, 2016 21:57
Just me  Sweetdd7 Posted Date: Oct 2nd, 2016 21:52
Just me
lower leg  squidman18 Posted Date: Sep 4th, 2016 16:01
lower leg
You Get What You Pay For  ajholmes Posted Date: Aug 30th, 2016 22:26
Photo shoot for my t-shirts


AC Tattoo Expo  ACtattooexpo Posted Date: Oct 22nd, 2015 17:00
Nov 6th, 2015 - Nov 8th, 2015 United States
The Atlantic City Tattoo Expo continues its 12 year tradition of art and ink in Atlantic City New Jersey November 6th thru the 8th on the 6th floor of Bally’s Casino and Resort, in the center...
Rosewoods 2nd Tatt-Fest  glennm Posted Date: Jul 21st, 2011 20:55
Aug 6th, 2011 - Aug 7th, 2011 United States
    Rosewoods Herbs and Gifts is having an open house, light refreshments will be served.  Incense, tarot cards, jewlery, etc. for sale.  We are expecting to be having a jam sess...
NORTHER INK EXPOSURE  biggord Posted Date: Jun 14th, 2011 17:32
Jun 17th, 2011 - Jun 19th, 2011 Canada
Time Friday at 1:00pm - June 19 at 6:00pm ...
immersed in ink tattoo convention dallas tx   vinniehottdogg Posted Date: Jun 2nd, 2011 19:23
Jun 10th, 2011 - Jun 12th, 2011 United States
 Immersed In Ink Tattoo & Arts Festival will be making our next stop on the 2011 tour in Dallas, TX.  The show will be held June 10-12 at the Arlington Convention Center. ...
Memorial Day $20 Name Only Tattoos  ancientartaz Posted Date: May 26th, 2011 19:42
May 28th, 2011 - May 29th, 2011 United States
Hey everybody come support us and get a Name Tattoo for only $20 on May 28th from 11am to 8pm @ 2108 S Alvernon Way just south of 29th st !! great idea to show your loved ones you care..