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 Leyea's Cerebral Disimprisonment 

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Created Date: Jul 18th, 2009

 I honestly get bored with tattoospace sometimes.....One of my favorite features on all of the other sites is probably the abilitly to ramble one about NOTHING at all.....meaning.....random blogs & late night amusment.

I'll probably carry a lot of my blogs over to this as well but not all of them.

If you're in anyway interested in reading those..uhm...okay..and here is the link:

All I have to say to anyone that wants to join this is simple; Don't bitch to me about me bitching about everything else. If you don't like something,don't read it or don't look at it and leave. Thanks ;)

I'm creating this group simply to have it and to put MY stuff in it....yeah..all the aimless junk floating in my mind.

It'll most likely be different with each post.........




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Group Admin

Nice guy really