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 "The Ultimate Health Beverage" 

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Created Date: Nov 27th, 2008
The Product- First to market, incredible results and lots or research. The Company - Dream team mgt, Almost $500 Million first 3 years! The Systems- Incredible MyMangosteen web system. The Support- Full-time committed upline. Weekly training and mentoring. Xango's claim to fame, and what boosts it far above other health beverages, is the amazing ingredient known in Asia as "The Queen of Fruits". Science's name for it is 'Garcinia Mangostana' but it is more commonly known as a Mangosteen. This fruit contains a natural element called Xanthones. They offer incredible health benefits to the human body, and only exist in concentrated form in the mangosteen fruit. The Science Behind the Mangosteen's Health Benefits Unlike many so-called "health" products on the market, XanGo is backed by REAL medical research. The Doctor most prolific on Mangosteen research is Dr. Templeman. He's the most outspoken champion for its medical uses. If you really care about people you may want to listen in on The Fastest Growing Company In History. EVERY Tuesday at 6:00PM Pacific Time @ 712-429-0700 PIN 608703# EVERY Saturday at 10:00AM Pacific Time @ 712-429-0700 PIN 608703# Have A Great Day, Health & Wealth, Lenny Wolfe
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